We talk about “Rock-N-Roll” here all the time, having provided custom stage drapes and digital backdrops to the tours of so many rock artists/bands. The fact of the matter, though, is that we have worked with productions for artists and bands from many different music genres, including pop, jazz, classical, folk, and much more.

Recently, we have found ourselves working on soft goods for more and more country artists and bands. A couple of projects spring to mind. We have been so fortunate to be selected to provide digitally printed backdrops to the Kenny Chesney Tour for three years in a row. This year’s backdrop was printed in-house on a semi-translucent fabric to allow for backlighting.  After topically treating the printed backdrop for flame retardancy, our manufacturing staff the digitally printed panels into a Braille Curtain, 37′ h x 58′ w, with lift lines every 4 feet.

Photo Courtesy of Glen Rose of Glen Rose Photography

Lady Antebellum is a country band whom we have recently begun to work with.  We were approached by the production designer for Lady Antebellum, with a request for a Braille Curtain.  But this time, the designer was looking for something different – a curtain that would combine the scenic properties of a digital backdrop with the “stage magic” of scrim.  We offered the perfect solution – direct printing onto sharkstooth scrim.  When properly front-lit, the fabric appears opaque, and the printed image can be clearly seen (as if it were an image printed on traditional fabric).  Once the front light is turned off and lights come up behind it, the scrim “disappears.” 

Though we tend to think of ourselves as “Rock-n-Roll,” the truth is that we are fans of live music and production, regardless of the music genre – we just love to be a part of the show!