Portable dressing rooms, for use by artists onstage (or backstage) are something that many music tours need.  Think about those “quick changes” that happen between songs (or even mid-song).  The reality is, there just isn’t enough time for an artist to get offstage, get to their backstage dressing room, get changed, and get back onstage without missing a beat.  But for years, there hasn’t been a good solution to this need.  Yes, pipe and base can work, but it isn’t ideal.  Among other things, a dressing room made of pipe and base components requires several different pieces (uprights, bases, drape supports, drapes) – and if one piece is left at last night’s venue?  Well, the crew is scrambling to jury rig something together for tonight’s show.

Well, Rent What? recently came up with an innovative solution to this problem.  They combined a durable, portable pop-up frame with a custom cover that stores on the frame.  At the show, all the crew has to do is pop it open and, voila, instant 8′ x 8′ dressing room, in under two minutes!

As Rent What? developed the idea of a portable pop-up dressing room, they realized that the outside of the cover needed to be black (to blend in onstage or in the wings), but that the inside should be white to maximum the light within.  The cover also needed to be opaque, so that the light didn’t bleed to the outside.  And the cover needed to be water resistant, for those misty (or rainy) days at outdoor venues.  With these considerations in mind, they chose Roadura, an innovative fabric offered exclusively by Sew What? Inc.

Not content to rest on their laurels, Rent What also thought about the comfort and ease of both artist and crew.  They added a light and mirror, so that the artist had all the necessary elements for a quick change, and they added a rolling cart for easy transport by the crew.

I am really blown away by the way that the folks at Rent What? identified a need and came up with an innovative solution to fill that need.  That to me is the true definition of an entrepreneur.