A few months ago, Violet Rangel (Sew What? Sales) got a great idea to plant a vegetable and herb garden in a little patch of unused ground here at Sew What?  So, she went out and bought everything we needed – plants, potting mix, fertilizer – and a bunch of us spent a Saturday morning planting a garden.  We named it “Sow What?” and even put up a little wooden sign.

Fast forward to last week, and the garden is doing great.  We’ve got lots of herbs, tomatoes are riping on the vine, and we have even been able to pick some zucchini.  Violet decided to make zucchini bread, so that we could all have a taste of the fruits of our labor.  It was a nice sized zucchini, but she was afraid she wouldn’t have enough, so she also bought zucchini from the supermarket to supplement.

Well, it turned out she didn’t need the supermarket zucchini after all – the one zucchini from our garden yielded enough for the entire loaf of zucchini bread. 

Check it out.  The one on the left is from our garden; the one on the right is from the supermarket.

And the zucchini bread was delicious!  Thanks, Violet, for the great idea and all your hard work in creating this little garden in the middle of the city!