I don’t know if you are familiar with BNet, but it is a great resource on the web for business and management articles, videos, news, white papers and much more. 

One of the things I really like about it is that it really is, as it says, geared to the working professional.  The language and tone is just right – not highfalutin’ academic language, but not dumbed down language either.  Just solid, well-written information.  I especially love the “crash courses” for everything from “How to Manage the Media” to “How to Build a Better Office.”

I just learned about BNet recently, after Joanne Cleaver interviewed Megan for the BNet article “How to Take a Cottage Industry High-Tech.”   Of course, it is always exciting to have Sew What? featured online or in print. 

However, this article in particular really gives a good picture of how Sew What uses technology, while also allowing readers in other industries to take away ideas on how they could take similar steps in their own business.  It is great to feel as if our example could be inspiring others.

(By the way – it was great fun taking the photo with all the Sew What? staff playing around with fabric!)