Recently I posted about our new Digital Printing Portfolio, and in writing that post, I took a few minutes to review our other portfolios.  It seems that I don’t get the opportunity to review our portfolio pages as often as I like, so there is always something new to see.

The page that really impressed me this time was the Video Portfolio.  Since I last looked, a number of really cool videos have been added.  One that stood out was the video of the Alice in Chains Poly Silk Kabuki.  Not only does the video show how terrific poly silk is as a projection surface, but at the end of the video, it shows the kabuki dropping.

In prior posts, I have explained how a kabuki works, but it can be difficult to understand in a written explanation.  I think this Alice in Chains video is a great visual demonstration of the operation of a kabuki.

There are a number of other videos in the portfolio as well, highlighting a variety of custom stage drapes (including an Austrian curtain), stage backdrops, and much more.  Check it out!