Adam and I purchased two vintage Barcelona chairs back in 1996 right after we got married. A classic design, these chairs had previously been in the lobby at the Heinz Ketchup factory. The salesman’s big pitch included the fact that the design had first been presented in the German Pavilion at the 1929 Barcelona Exposition. Designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the Barcelona Chair design was timeless, and we were certain that they would not only suit us, but serve us long and well.

With our 14th wedding anniversary upon us this week I can say that we have never once regretted the investment, nor tired of their streamlined design. They hold pride of place for us now – one in our entry at home and one in our entry at the office. They remind us every day, be it arriving to work or arriving home, that premium quality and bold design are priceless. That in every product decision we make, we must ask ourselves, how will what I build today represent me tomorrow? Will this decision be lasting and for the long term? How will others perceive the piece in years to come? Am I creating tomorrow’s trash, or tomorrow’s treasure?

On this note I am excited to be traveling this June to Shanghai to attend the 2010 Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network, where I will have the opportunity to surround myself with thinkers and doers and dreamers alike. The opportunity to meet some of the very brightest women in business and discuss technology and business with them is certainly a privilege that I will cherish. And in fulfilling a lifelong dream, the Dell conference is perfectly timed with the World’s Fair 2010 being hosted in Shanghai. I’ll have my eyes and ears open to all that these amazing women, and the World’s Fair, have to offer. You never know, perhaps I’ll come home with a fresh new outlook on small business and a couple of new chairs too……