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Monthly Archives: May 2010

28 05, 2010

Sew What? Star of the Month – June 2010

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Meet Gloria, Sewing Machine Operator

Gloria has been with Sew What? for nearly three years

If you could take a vacation to any place in the world, where would you go, and why?  I’d go to Aguascalientes in Mexico to be with my family.

Who is your favorite recording artist?  Vicente Fernandez and Camilo Sesto.

Do you have a special talent?  Shopping!

What is your favorite movie or television show?  Spanish soaps and the news.

What is your favorite memory from Sew What?  I love the Christmas Party because I enjoy it to the fullest!

What project have you worked on recently that was interesting or challenging? There are two projects –  a digital for Green Day and a big red star on a frame.

(Note: You may remember meeting Gloria back in January.  She is our Star of the Month again in June, so this post is an opportunity for you to learn more about her).

27 05, 2010

Digital Printing Portfolio

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We’ve been offering wide format digitally printing for quite some time now, but, since we didn’t have a dedicated digital portfolio page on our website, most of our digital project photos were either displayed on one of our other portfolio pages, within the product pages, or in this blog. 

Well, I am excited to say that we now have a digital portfolio page on our website!  There are ten projects highlighted on the page – just a small percentage of the number of digital projects that we have done, but a really good representation of our work.

To mention just a few of the projects featured on the page:

Brooks and Dunn “The Last Rodeo”

This was a recent project that we really enjoyed, that included a main “tour logo” backdrop along with two “cowgirl” backdrops.  For more info, check out my previous blog post.

Great American Food Fest

This was a huge project – dozens of digital backdrops and signage for this Northern California event.  I got so excited with watching the progress of this project that I ended up buying tickets and driving up for the weekend to attend the event.  And guess what?  I took the photos shown on our portfolio (OK, I don’t claim to be an expert photographer, but I think they turned out pretty nice).

Soulja Boy

I blogged about this digital / mixed media awhile back, but at the time I didn’t have a photo to add to my post.  Well, check out the photo on our digital portfolio page – it really is impressive!

Want to see more?  Head over to the Digital Printing Portfolio.

25 05, 2010

Backdrops for Tegan and Sara

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We worked on a fun digital printing project last month with Benjamin Price, and he recently sent us some great photos that I thought I’d share.

Benjamin was working on the Tegan and Sara tour (if you aren’t familiar with Tegan and Sara, they are a Canadian indie band lead by twin sisters Tegan Quin and Sara Quin).  While looking for a provider of wide format digital printing for a series of custom backdrops for the tour, Benjamin contacted Megan, and we were off and running.

Rather than make one large backdrop, the decision was made to instead print a series of five backdrops, each 24′ h x 6′ w.   Emmy Story’s artwork, composed of a series of diagonal colored lines, is beautiful in and of itself, but the repetition and crossover that occurs when hanging the five panels side by side with space in between, emphasizes the drama of the artwork.

Backdrop Image: Emmy Story; Photo Courtesy of Benjamin Price

Lighting also plays a big part in creating a dramatic effect.  The backdrops were backlit using 2 Martin stage bars per panel – one for a short throw and one for a long throw.  During portions of the show, they were also frontlit using a Martin Mac 700 profile with a custom Bar gobo for each panel.  Here’s another photo to show the effect that lighting has one the artwork:

Backdrop Image: Emmy Story; Photo Courtesy of Benjamin Price

This really was a fun project to work on – it is so rewarding in our business to have the opportunity to work on digital backdrops, custom stage curtains, and other soft goods for so many talented artists such as Tegan and Sara, and to see our work looking so gorgeous on stage as in these photos.

21 05, 2010

Little Big Town

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Earlier this month, we were excited to be selected to provide soft goods for the 2010 tour of Little Big Town, the amazing country music group that has been steadily climbing the charts.  The main element of the project was a series of digitally printed backdrop panels and riser skirts. 

John Rios of GrafixJam (whom I have mentioned in past posts) designed the digital artwork, and as usual, John’s work was gorgeous.  He created a “Distressed Fleur de Lis” pattern in black and white that is quite theatrical and dramatic. 

Once we received the artwork files from John, we went to work printing the project using our wide format EFI Vutek QS3200 printer with UV-curable 3M inks.  In order to create a “vintage flocked velvet” appearance, we used a flame retardant specialty fabric substrate that resembles suede/velveteen.  The digital backdrop pieces were made as a series of four panels, each 24′ h x 10′ w, allowing them to be used individually or combined to make one large backdrop of 24′ h x 40′ w.  Riser skirts printed with the same image and fabric tie the set design together.

And once again, the use of lighting techniques allows the panels to appear in their original “black and white” or in a variety of colors.  There is a great photo on the Country Throwdown Photostream that is a perfect illustration of this – check out the “aqua” hanging panels as compared to the black and white riser skirts.  Yes, the hanging panels really are printed in black and white – the aqua color is a result of the stage lighting technique.

Want to see more?  Check out this video on YouTube of Little Big Town at Big Country Throwdown this past weekend.

19 05, 2010

World’s Fairs and Classic Chairs

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Adam and I purchased two vintage Barcelona chairs back in 1996 right after we got married. A classic design, these chairs had previously been in the lobby at the Heinz Ketchup factory. The salesman’s big pitch included the fact that the design had first been presented in the German Pavilion at the 1929 Barcelona Exposition. Designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the Barcelona Chair design was timeless, and we were certain that they would not only suit us, but serve us long and well.

With our 14th wedding anniversary upon us this week I can say that we have never once regretted the investment, nor tired of their streamlined design. They hold pride of place for us now – one in our entry at home and one in our entry at the office. They remind us every day, be it arriving to work or arriving home, that premium quality and bold design are priceless. That in every product decision we make, we must ask ourselves, how will what I build today represent me tomorrow? Will this decision be lasting and for the long term? How will others perceive the piece in years to come? Am I creating tomorrow’s trash, or tomorrow’s treasure?

On this note I am excited to be traveling this June to Shanghai to attend the 2010 Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network, where I will have the opportunity to surround myself with thinkers and doers and dreamers alike. The opportunity to meet some of the very brightest women in business and discuss technology and business with them is certainly a privilege that I will cherish. And in fulfilling a lifelong dream, the Dell conference is perfectly timed with the World’s Fair 2010 being hosted in Shanghai. I’ll have my eyes and ears open to all that these amazing women, and the World’s Fair, have to offer. You never know, perhaps I’ll come home with a fresh new outlook on small business and a couple of new chairs too……