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Monthly Archives: April 2010

28 04, 2010

Photos from “Take Your Own Path”

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Back in September, I posted on Dell Computer’s “Take Your Own Path” campaign, which featured inspiring entrepreneurs from small and medium sized businesses around the world, including our own Megan Duckett.

Well, recently we came upon a photostream from the campaign press conference in New York City, and I thought I’d pass it on.  Here’s a preview of one of the photos in the photostream (Megan is on the far right):

 Want to see more?  Go to the flickr photostream, or check out Dell’s “Take Your Own Path” webpage.  The entrepreneur stories are really inspiring! 

26 04, 2010

Drapes for The Cranberries

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Recently, our sister company, Rent What? Inc. provided some beautiful soft goods for the UK tour of Irish rock band The Cranberries, and after seeing some photos of the set, I just had to post on it.

Through a combination of swags, legs, and borders from their Silver Satin series, complemented by a series of gorgeous Starlight drapes (similar to the “twinkle” drape featured in my earlier post), Rent What? captured just what the client was looking for in their European tour.   A photo taken at the Barcelona show in March is even featured on the Wikipedia entry for the band!

I know that there are other companies that rent stage curtains, and perhaps I am biased, but I am so impressed with the way that Rent What? has thought “outside the box” in designing a rental inventory that includes such beautiful, unique, and highly customizable drapery.

21 04, 2010

What’s in a Name? Thinking about Job Titles

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I was thinking today about the notion of job titles. Account Manager, Purchasing Agent, Human Resources…how well do these titles really reflect what we do on a daily basis? In today’s fast-moving business world, it seems that, for the majority of us working in small business, our titles don’t really reflect all the roles that we fill.

Take Sew What? as an example.

Silvia Soler’s “official” title is Human Resources / Sales Support. But the roles she fills include: party planner, safety coordinator, receptionist, banking coordinator, conflict resolution specialist, trainer, inquiry coordinator, fabric sample coordinator, customer service representative, and so much more.

Our Account Managers/Sales Representatives (Shane, Gwen, and Violet) sell our products, but they also function (in varying degrees) as project managers, advisors, designers, graphic artists, freight quote specialist, and, again, much more.

Tammy’s title is Bookkeeper, but she is really accounts receivable bookkeeper, accounts payable bookkeeper, payroll specialist, credit manager, collections agent, backup receptionist…

Carley is our Purchasing Agent, but she could also hold the titles of dispatcher, researcher, supervisor, inventory coordinator, job material specialist, and so on.

Michelle is the Director of Operations, but she is also production scheduler, mediator, trainer, supervisor, translator…

Megan is the President of Sew What?, but she also wears many hats, including account manager, designer, marketing specialist, website developer , stategic planner – the list goes on and on.

Adam is the CFO, but he is also functions as COO, technical draftsman, graphic artist, printing specialist, IT specialist…

And myself? Well, my title is General Manager, but to me that just means that, like everyone else here at Sew What?, my role is to do whatever it takes to support our customers, the staff here at Sew What?, and the company itself. That might mean answering an incoming call, helping to track down a missing shipment, figuring out why our computer system suddenly went down, processing a flame certificate for a customer, researching a new product, completing our quarterly sales tax report, requesting insurance certificates, meeting with consultants, preparing a performance review, signing checks, or writing a post for this blog.

Occasionally, people ask me why no title is listed on our business cards. The reason is that, though we all have titles that give a general idea of our function within the company, the reality is that these titles do not truly reflect the scope of what each of us does here. Regardless of title, each of us here at Sew What? does whatever needs to be done to satisfy our customer, produce a high quality product, support our co-workers, and continue to improve the company as a whole.

In a large company, maybe you can get away with each person doing one thing, and one thing only. The Purchasing Agent purchases, the Account Manager sells, the Receptionist answers the phones and the A/R person sends out invoices. But in a small business like Sew What? that just doesn’t make sense – so why should we limit ourselves based on a title?

19 04, 2010

Carrie Underwood at the CMA awards

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Did you happen to catch the Country Music Awards last night?  If you didn’t, you missed a beautiful performance by Carrie Underwood (Entertainer of the Year).

I am proud to say that our sister company, Rent What? Inc., provided the beautiful White Voile swags and drapes (made by Sew What? Inc., naturally) that provided the gorgeous backdrop for Carrie’s performance.  The combination of the soft floaty fabric and the terrific lighting techniques really sets the mood.

If you missed it (or just want to see it again), check out this video of Carrie singing “Temporary Home” at the 2010 CMA Awards.

14 04, 2010

James Taylor’s Metal Mesh on Frames

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A client sent us some gorgeous photos recently of a project we worked on last month for James Taylor’s 2010 “Troubadour Reunion” World Tour with Carole King, and I wanted to share them with you.  Last month, we made a number of Texture Panels, utilizing Metal Mesh backed by Black 16oz Commando Cloth, to be attached to specialty frames. 


Photo Courtesy Ralph Perkins / Bryan Leitch

We have made a number of different pieces from Metal Mesh in the past, and the way that it lights so beautifully makes it a favorite of mine, but the addition of the frames has allowed a really interesting and unique presentation. 

Photo Courtesy Ralph Perkins / Bryan Leitch

I love the way the frames are used to add another layer of dimension to the set, and that the overhead pieces make the set more intimate and yet still dramatic and eye-catching.  Just gorgeous!

Want to see more?  Check out this video that includes some great close-up shots of the metal mesh pieces (not to mention James Taylor’s beautiful music!) at a show in Australia last week.