This past October, we were selected by Marc Brickman, Set and Lighting Designer for the “Guess I’ll Take My Time” tour of Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) to make an interesting piece for the tour, which took place in the UK in late Fall 2009. 

Finding the right material was crucial, and so we sourced a  number of different scrims, nets, and similar fabrics in shades of grey, silver and black, and sent samples out to the tour for lighting tests. 

Ultimately, the material chosen was a metallic silver fabric similar to Sharkstooth Scrim.  From that material, we created a dramatic 35′ h x 57′ w piece, to be used by the tour as a projection surface.  This material was chosen for the combination of its reflective qualities and its tourability.

We were really pleased to be mentioned by Dietrich Juengling, the tour’s video content designer, in regards to this project, in a piece in Total Production International.  It is so rewarding to not only make a drape that we are ourselves proud of, but to also be recognized by the client in such a way!