Meet Guillermina, Sewing Machine Operator

Guillermina has been with Sew What? for four years


If you could take a vacation to any place in the world, where would you go, and why?  I’d go to Africa to help as many malnourished children as I could.

Who is your favorite recording artist?  No one in particular – I like all kinds of music.

No you have a special talent?  No.

What is your favorite movie or TV show?  The news.

What is your favorite memory from Sew What?  When I first started working here.  I was so nervous because I didn’t know how to place a single pin!

What project have you worked on recently that was interesting or challenging?  I had the opportunity to work on a project that used 8,000 yards of powder pink crushed fabric, for drapes that were being expedited to Doha, Qater, to be used at a wedding there.