Recently, we got an e-mail from Leslie at Rutherford High School in Pennsylvania.  The school had purchased a custom scrim from us last month, and Leslie was raving about it – not just about the scrim itself, but about its use as a teaching tool.  As Leslie said, “Talk about a teachable moment–the day we installed it, my stagecraft students spent about 30 minutes just marvelling about how ‘seriously cool’ it was!”

I hadn’t really thought about this aspect of Sharkstooth Scrim before.  Most of the time, scrims are purchased by professional theatres and music tours – those places with professional lighting technicians on staff who know how to effectively light the scrim so that its “magical” properties appear.  But the truth is, these techniques can be learned and utilized in any theatre or auditorium environment – including schools such as Ringgold High School.  It just takes a little study, practice, and the right lights.

And what a great thing to teach stagecraft students!  I remember way back when in my own high school theatre days.  While my focus was on acting rather than on stage crew, I know that I would have loved to have learned about how scrims work.  As it is, I spent the next 25 years or so marvelling at the magic on stage until I started working at Sew What? and learned the secret behind the magic.