A couple of years ago, we started selling a product that I think is a really nifty little item, especially for special event projects in which drapery is only going to be used for a single short-term event or for a tour in which drapery will be used in multiple venues.

It’s called an Easy Klip, and it really is ingenious.  It is a smallish glass-fibre reinforced nylon eyelet clip (less than 3″ long and about 1 1/2″ wide) that is quick to attach, reusable, strong (each can hold up to 220 pounds) and can be repositioned in moments.  This makes it ideal for touring productions and special events companies, in which the infrastructure of the location (trusses, battens, ceiling joists, etc.) may not be as uniform or standardized as in a traditional theatre.

Here is how it works.  Rather than having grommets installed onto the drape, the customer installs the Easy Klips onsite.  The Easy Klip slides onto the cyclorama, backdrop, drape, or even raw fabric, and locks into place easily.  The user decides where on the drape or backdrop to attach the Easy Klips (the top, the bottom, and even the sides) and how close (or far apart) to place them.  The user can easily remove and reposition them as needed during the installation process.


Then, through the use of either a length of tieline or (even better) an Easy Loop (a loop of bungee cord with a hook at the end) threaded through the Easy Klip eyelet, the drape can then be hung from or attached to a truss, ceiling joist, exhibit booth, or frame.

Here is an example of a project that we worked on, in which Easy Klips were the ideal solution:

Private Function, San Diego

For this special event, the dramatic ceiling treatment would normally have taken days to manufacture and install.  Instead, the panels were quickly made up (no need to spend time punching grommets into the panel), Easy Klips were attached to the ends of the panels onsite, and the panels were then attached to motorized trusses.  The use of the Easy Klips allowed the installation crew to easily and quickly manipulate the length of each panel as needed onsite to achieve the desired effect.

Since then, a number of our clients have used the Easy Klips, and have raved about how great they are.  Yes, for a longterm installation (such as a grand drape in a traditional theatre), grommets (with ties or S-hooks), sewn ties, or other finishes applied during the drapery manufacturing process are still better options.  But for many short-term installation projects, Easy Klips are a great (and affordable) solution.