Yes, I will admit it…I am a classic rock fan, and my radio station of choice (here in the Los Angeles area) is 95.5 KLOS.  Every weekday morning on my way to work, I listen to the Mark and Brian Show (based here in L.A. on KLOS, but syndicated throughout the country).

So, after listening to M & B talk for weeks about the Christmas Show being held on December 16th at the Nokia Theatre (and wishing I could go), you can imagine how excited I was to hear that Rent What? was renting drapery to the show.

And not just any drapery…this was drapery from the Silver Satin Series.  If you are a regular reader, you know that I absolutely love the Silver Satin drapery pieces that Sew What? made for Rent What?  Most recently, I posted in November on the Silver Satin Austrian and Swags that Rent What? provided to the Maxwell tour.  Well, here they are again, looking as spectacular as ever!


Under minimal lighting, there is only a slight variation in the color (the drapes appear more of an opalescent white than a silver).


Change the lighting, and suddenly they appear red…


…or green…

Pretty amazing, don’t you think?

I was also excited to learn about a YouTube video of the drapes.  Most of the videos that we find on YouTube that feature our drapes are shot during the show – which is great for seeing the artist, but doesn’t always give the best shots of the drapery!  That is why I was so excited to learn about this video – since it was shot during sound check for the Mark and Brian “Super Group”, there are lots of angles and closeups of the drapery.

So, here I am – the show is over and I am regretting that I didn’t buy tickets and go.  Not only would I have had the fun of attending the M & B Christmas Show in person, but I would have also gotten to enjoy the drapes in person.  Oh, well, maybe next year…