A while back, I posted some photos of our Sew What? drapery bag in Germany and our tee shirt Italy.  This time, Sew What? has travelled even further – to the Middle East.

Take a gander at some folks with our drapery bags, preparing for an event in Doha, Qatar:


Now, I must confess that I had very little knowledge of Qatar prior to this project (I wasn’t exactly a geography wiz in school)…in case you are the same, here is the scoop according to Wikipedia.  Qatar is an Arab Emirate in the Middle East, surrounded by the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia.  It is an oil-rich state ruled by a monarchy.


It really is fascinating to see our bags in locales throughout the world.  It is so easy to sit here in my office in Southern California and forget that our custom stage curtains, backdrops, and other soft goods really do get used by customers in places like Germany, Italy, and even Qatar.  I love it – I get the chance to travel vicariously!


I don’t know if I will ever travel to Qatar, but if I don’t, at least I know that a little piece of Sew What? has!