Recently, during a web search, I came across a company advertising that their drapes were flame retardant according to British, European, US and World standards.  I was flabbergasted.

As I have mentioned before, standards and regulations regarding flame retardancy of stage curtains vary widely, both within the United States and throughout the world.  In the United States alone, there is NFPA 701 (national standard, but not an official law or regulation), California Title 19, New York City regulations, Boston regulations, and who knows how many more.  In Europe, there is Britian’s BS 5438, Germany’s B1 & B2, and France’s M1, and perhaps others that I don’t know about.  (Apparently, there is also a unified European Union standard, but it has yet to be approved and adopted fully throughout Europe).  From what I understand, there are yet more regulations in Asia and elsewhere in the world.

So how can one company state that their drapes meet FR standards for the entire world?  I suppose it is possible that a fabric could meet all FR standards in the world, but has this company actually had the drapes tested to every single standard in the world (there must be dozens, perhaps even a hundred or more different standards)?  I doubt it.  And, frankly, I can’t imagine any company actually providing a Certificate of Flame Retardancy covering every FR standard in every country in the world.   So I don’t understand how a company could make such a statement on their website.

No wonder people are confused about FR standards!