Once again, both Sew What? and Rent What? were asked to provide soft goods to a single tour – David Archuleta’s Christmas 2009 tour – and I think this one turned out particularly great, as both companies thought “outside the box” to create some unique pieces for the show based on a fabulous set design created by Butch Allen.

Rent What? provided the drapery – in this case it included Gold Lightweight Synthetic Velour Legs and Swags from their “Timeless and Traditional” Series, all wrapped up with giant red and gold bows for a perfect Christmas presentation.


Design: Butch Allen Designs; Photo Credit: Butch Allen

What I think takes the drapery to another level, though,  is the incredible “twinkle-light” drape.  We’ve made traditional LED Star Drops before, but this drape was different .  For this drape, low resolution twinkle lights were inserted into a sheer white voile – the result is just gorgeous and reminds me of snow falling.


Design: Butch Allen Designs; Photo Credit: Butch Allen

Sew What? also got in the act, making some gold satin skirts along with some fun three-dimensional Christmas Trees out of White Cambio! stretch fabric.  There were five trees, ranging in from 8′ to 16′ in height, and depending on how they were lit, they appear gold/white, blue/white, or green.  Here’s how they look in green:


Design: Butch Allen Designs; Photo Credit: Butch Allen

All in all, the combination of the beautiful drapery provided by Rent What? and the fun Christmas Trees provided by Sew What? sets the stage for a fun and festive holiday show.  Want to see more photos?  Check out the Concerts and Curtains Photostream on Flickr.