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Monthly Archives: November 2009

11 11, 2009

What would Emily Post do?

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In referencing some classic Emily Post etiquette books published in the mid 60’s, I read that one should never make a call during the week before 9 am.  Or after 8 pm.  Nor should we call someone on a weekend before 10 am.  And never on a Sunday without invitation.  All communications should start with “Dear” or “To Whom It May Concern,” and be in one’s very best cursive script.  Remember – never abbreviate, never exclamate. (!)


How about this iPhone that I have then, Emily?  If I get an e-mail at 11 pm on a Friday, mid-martini, should I jump to call, text, e-mail, and resolve the query?  Or does one wait till Saturday after 10 am?  Alas – Saturday is not a typical work day – so would I therefore further delay my response to the next business day after 9 am?

Oh my!

Being an anxious Capricorn, there is a very good chance that my clients will get that immediate knee jerk reaction, while my friends continue the conversation without me.  When my phone bleeps, my 6 year old comments – “Mum – you’ve got e-mail” (who needs AOL?).

Do we respond as honestly – and with as much thought – when we fly at an answer instantly?  Do we give our clients (big spenders and small alike) a warm fuzzy feeling when there is no “by the way” or “thank you”?  And what of the lack of capitalization and punctuation?  Does one assume the user is uneducated?  Or just too busy to backspace and correct it?

My challenge for the week is to locate the most current etiquette opinions on the matter from the SMB world.  I will let you know what I find.  Stand by – this should be pretty funny.

Yours, remotely, wirelessly, and conveniently connected in the palm of my hand.


9 11, 2009

Stage Audio Resources

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A few weeks ago, in my post “Interested in Stage Lighting,” I told you about some resources that we recommend on the topic of stage lighting.  Another topic that I thought would be of interest to the those readers new to the world of live theatre and music production is stage audio. 

BOOKS (recommended by Megan Duckett and linked to Amazon)

Concert Sound: Tours, Techniques & Technology (Mix Magazine Pro Audio Series),” by David Trubitt 

Live Sound Reinforcement, Bestseller Edition,” by Scott Hunter Stark


Mixonline:  Mix bills itself as “the world’s leading magazine for the professional recording and sound production technology industry.”  Mix really is comprehensive, offering articles on a wide range of sound production topics in several different areas, including live production.

Live Sound International:  Live Sound is a magazine that focuses exclusively on live audio.  Regretably, as it is a print magazine, the content (even the recent digital content) requires purchase of a subscription.  However, there is some interesting information in the free older archive material (2001 through March 2005) and in the forums.

ProSoundWeb:  Interestingly enough, this website (owned by the same folks as LiveSound), offers plenty of free content on the site, including some content from LiveSound. 

Professional Sound Magazine:  Again, this is the website for a print magazine.  The main website has some good content (check out the “Sound Advice” section), and there is a link to a digital edition of the magazine.  Unfortunately, this is one of those “digital” editions in which it looks like the print edition and you have to “flip the pages” to read it, but at least the content is available (and free).

6 11, 2009

Congratulations to our new managers

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Whenever possible, here at Sew What? we prefer to promote from within – discover existing employees with the talent, skills and abilities to move into other positions within our team. 

On Friday, we promoted two of our staff members to newly created management positions in our production department.  I’d like to congratulate both of them and tell you a little bit about them:

Michelle Cecena – Director of Operations


Michelle started with us just over a year ago, in September of 2008, coming from the newspaper industry.  She started as Production Scheduler (a new position for our company) , charged with converting orders into jobs and scheduling those jobs to the production floor, becoming an integral part of the production process.  Michelle is highly organized and detail-oriented, and our production process has shown great improvement since she joined Sew What?

As Director of Operations, Michelle will have authority and responsibility over the entire production and warehouse department while continuing with production scheduling and branching into more detailed production planning.  Congratulations, Michelle!

Araceli Flores – Production Manager 


Araceli became part of the Sew What? team as a sewing machine operator in September 2004.  She quickly demonstrated her skills and moved up the ranks to become Project Manager and then Assistant Production Manager before receiving the latest promotion to Production Manager.  Araceli takes great pride in ensuring that her team produces the highest quality products, and so she is continually working with her team to improve their quality of work.

As Production Manager, Araceli manages a team of three Project Managers and fifteen production employees (sewing machine operators, cutting staff, and quality control staff).  Congratulations, Araceli!

4 11, 2009

Transformation by Lighting

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It is always fun to see how the drapery we make is transformed on stage.  I have mentioned before how impressive it is to see how the lighting designers can transform the look of the set (including the drapery) through the use of lighting effects.

Take, for example, the burgundy contour curtain that we made for Rent What?, as part of their Vintage Burgundy collection (which also includes the fabulous Crimson Cabaret drapes that I told you about recently).  Just on its own, this curtain is gorgeous, the lift lines creating dramatic yet romantic swags, and the burgundy color adding elegance and sophistication.

With the addition of specialized lighting, however, the curtain takes on an entirely new look.  Monsters of Folk are using this contour curtain in their current tour, and Rent What? got some great photos of their show at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.  In looking at these photos, it is hard to believe that the curtain is actually burgundy – in some of the photos, it appears red.  In others, you would swear that it is purple.  In all of the photos, the curtain looks amazing.

It just goes to show you that choosing a colored curtain doesn’t have to limit the look of a show.  With a talented lighting designer, one curtain can have several different looks.

2 11, 2009

Sew What? Star of the Month – Nov. 2009

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Meet Lola, Project Manager

Lola has been with Sew What? for 8 years


If you could take a vacation to any place in the world, where would you go, and why?  I would like to visit Australia.  I like places that have beautiful landscape scenery.

Who is your favorite music artist?  Group Aventura.

Do you have a special talent?  I like to cook.

What is your favorite music/show?  I like action flicks.

What is your favorite memory from Sew What?  When we first came to visit the new building.

What project have you worked on recently that was interesting or challenging?  I consider each and every job a challenge.  I make sure it goes out on time, and in good quality condition.