We work on a lot of music tours, and it is always fun to see the interesting and innovative set designs that the production designers come up with.  In some cases, the set is classic and elegant, in others it is funky and edgy.  For Maxwell‘s recent tour, the production designer presented Sew What? and our sister company Rent What? with a design that combined fabric, reflective elements, and mixed media pieces to make up a cohesive set that was eye-catching, dark and sexy.

The key to the design was the combination of black fabrics and reflective elements.  Though the design called for traditional drapery pieces, such as Proscenium Drapes, Riser Skirts, and the like, it was the choice of fabric – a black-on-black Mirror Sequin  textile – that took these pieces from traditional to WOW!

Building on the theme of reflection, we also made incredible mirror shard drapes – huge pieces of mirrors, carefully cut and broken into “shards” and attached to webbing headers.  The concept of shards continued in additional drapery – white voile was carefully cut with a hot knife to achieve a “tattered” appearance.

Rent What? also provided soft goods to the show, including a number of black masking drapes and borders.  A Silver Satin  Austrian Drape and set of swags provided another element of reflection and glamour.The most dramatic rental item, however, was the LED Star Drop (manufactured by Sew What?).  Made out of black synthetic velour, it includes dozens of twinkling lights, perfect for this show’s theme of light and dark.

All together, I think the set came out looking fabulous – just right for this sexy soulful artist.