It is always fun to see how the drapery we make is transformed on stage.  I have mentioned before how impressive it is to see how the lighting designers can transform the look of the set (including the drapery) through the use of lighting effects.

Take, for example, the burgundy contour curtain that we made for Rent What?, as part of their Vintage Burgundy collection (which also includes the fabulous Crimson Cabaret drapes that I told you about recently).  Just on its own, this curtain is gorgeous, the lift lines creating dramatic yet romantic swags, and the burgundy color adding elegance and sophistication.

With the addition of specialized lighting, however, the curtain takes on an entirely new look.  Monsters of Folk are using this contour curtain in their current tour, and Rent What? got some great photos of their show at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.  In looking at these photos, it is hard to believe that the curtain is actually burgundy – in some of the photos, it appears red.  In others, you would swear that it is purple.  In all of the photos, the curtain looks amazing.

It just goes to show you that choosing a colored curtain doesn’t have to limit the look of a show.  With a talented lighting designer, one curtain can have several different looks.