Naturally, since Sew What? is a U.S. company, the majority of our customers are also in the U.S.  We make soft goods for schools and churches, theatres and special event companies all across the country.  But did you know that our custom stage curtainsdigitally printed backdrops, and theatrical supplies can be seen across the globe?

As you know, we have provided soft goods to the tours of a number of well-known recording artists.  In many cases, those goods are used not only for the North American portion of the tour (including Canada), but on other continents as well.  In some cases, we even make custom drapery specifically for the European leg of the tour, such as with the mixed media cut drop we made for Lady Gaga.

What I find particularly exciting, however, is when we are discovered by a production designer in another country.  One example is Peter Young, the well-known European music producer, designer and drummer.  A few years ago, Peter (also known as Takis Kouvatseas) was producing and designing the European tour of Greek / Cypriot pop star Anna Vissi and was looking for just the right soft goods company.  He discovered Sew What? through our website, contacted us, and the next thing we knew, we were turning his vision into reality.   Since then, we have worked with Peter to provide drapery for several other projects, primarily in Greece.

Another exciting international project that we did was for the production of “The Gospel at Colonus” at the 2006 Vienna Music Festival.  This project included colored voiles, crushed satin, and buillion trim and rope  to create a multi-layered effect.  To me, the showstopper was the gorgeous digitally printed medallion that we created using designer Alison Yerxa’s beautiful artwork – just incredible!

And it’s exciting to find that we are recognized in the news as a “player” in the international market.  U.S. News and World Report included an article on us in their July 31, 2006, issue, in which they called Sew What? a “global brand,” and we even got a mention in Denmark’s “Backstage” magazine (in Danish, of course). 

When I think about it, though, it really isn’t all that surprising that Sew What? has “gone international.”  While we may be based in the United States, the reality is that we really are a global company.  After all, Megan (company founder and president) immigrated to the U.S. from Australia, Adam (CFO) came from New Zealand, and many of our staff are immigrants from Mexico and Latin America.  We really are a melting pot – and so I think that gives us a greater ability to expand our focus beyond the U.S. border and out into the world.