Recently we did a fun project for Mariah Carey, for her four-show gig in September and October at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas.  The designer came to us with a unique mixed media concept – an ethereal floral drape evoking cherry blossoms in the garden.  It sounded challenging, but we knew we could pull it off.

We started with clear vinyl.  After printing the vinyl with a series of different colored dots, we cut the vinyl into narrow strips, in lengths ranging from 9′ high to 20′ high.  Then, using hundreds of white silk flowers, our crew meticulously attached the flowers onto the vinyl strips, with larger and smaller flowers attached just so.  What seemed like random placement was actually well thought out – those printed color dots determined flower placement, with each color indicating which flower size was to be attached in each location on the vinyl strips.

To add to the look, we digitally printed 30 butterflies onto clear vinyl, cut them out, and attached them “randomly” on the vinyl strips, as if butterflies were flitting from flower to flower.

Webbing headers were used to turn layers of these flower & butterfly strips into drapes, with a layer of sheer stretch net fabric added strategically to some of the sections for a diffused look.  Our sister company, Rent What?, also provided a stunning element to the show, with gorgeous swags and legs from their Silver Satin Series.

I think it turned out beautiful.  Want to see the finished look?  Check this video of one of the September shows.