I was surfing the Internet recently – a late night habit I have developed – and struck upon some travel commentary.  It reminded me just how much I love to travel – and in turn got me thinking about all the amazing travel opportunities I have had which have been work related.  International and domestic – I admit to having had a pretty good run of it.

GREECE – yes- you heard correctly – 14 days in fact on board a luxury cruise liner visiting Mediterranean locations as exotic as Santorini and Venice, even stopping in Corfu just in time for the breaking of the pottery urns at Easter time.  I was not sewing stage draperies at the time – rather was a project coordinator for a privately chartered sales incentive program – back in 1993 or so when there were budgets for such extravaganzas.  These days they don’t go to Greece – they just serve Feta on the salad in an attempt to give some international flair.

NEW YORK CITY – the Big Apple – a product launch.  As a selected speaker for the launch of the Dell Computer Vostro computer lineup, I had the pleasure of visiting the top floor of the Reuters building and seeing our company posted on the LED billboard in Times Square.  Amazing!

BARCELONA – the Olympic Stadium was new, just post-Olympics, and then there was the trip to the convent on a Sunday to take fresh eggs to the nuns – a village tradition.  This time in charge of a large drapery installation amongst other elements for a privately sponsored event, this work trip left me with memories of La Segrada Familia and a fond appreciation for all things Gaudi.

CANCUN – Oh my – building a tent on the beach in the middle of college spring break.  Is it OK if I try to forget this “gig” memory?  Thanks.  I think we should let it go quietly.

TURKEY – I departed a cruise ship in Kusadasi after 5 days on board.  This time doing  a large upholstery project singlehandedly – it was a work-all-night-and-sleep-all-day kind of scenario.  No matter, however – with the time difference between there and America, it was easy to work the schedule.  I covered several hundred running feet of ducting with flame retardant Sunbrella® brand fabric – hard work but rewarding.

NEW ORLEANS – there were hurricanes – lots of them.  And I am not  talking about wind and rain.  WOW – New Orleans is a really hard city to stay focused in when it comes to deciding whether to work…or eat crocodile.

BRUSSELS – Not sewing concert curtains – but SPEAKING!  Yes – I was invited to speak in Brussels at an IFAI conference, on the subject of wide format digital printing.  This was a terrific experience where I met some very educated people on the subjects of “smart” and “intelligent” textiles.

So – my point here, I think, is that I have been fortunate indeed – to have been invited to work on high profile projects, in interesting places.  My grandparents and parents alike loved to travel – Adam and I have the bug too – so I picked the right profession, you might say.

Next……the stars?  Oh no – I am already reaching for them.