Lately I have been feeling both humbled and thankful.   We have been busy selling.  Very busy.  While witnessing personal family friends relocate to Nebraska having lost both job and home, our team has worked extra hours on nights and weekends to keep up with client needs.  We are fortunate indeed.  Dedicated too – but I recognize that dedication is not enough.

It has prompted me to ask myself – what is the differentiator in a floundering economy that causes one business to fail while another finds growth?  Is there one single factor that assures measurable success?

What is it that keeps the phone ringing, and how do you keep vendor / client relations fresh? – is it just service?  Does knowing what you’re selling make any difference – or does price point seal all deals?  All clients needs are different.  So it is a function of understanding what is best for each and every project on a case by case basis.  There is no “one size fits all.”  And no one catalog or fabric swatch card to suit all needs.  While we are small, we are mighty in our ability to personalize our services…and turn on a dime.  I no longer think that “bigger is better” – rather, that “better is best.”

Like my parents told me, you can’t have your cake and eat it too – so invariably premium quality and low price don’t usually meet on a single contract.  But that seems to suit our clientele – we are not the low price leader – rather a supplier of premium products for clients wanting professionalism, quality, timeliness and value.

I am very thankful for the loyal clientele, many of whom we consider to be dear friends, who have brought their business to us over the years.  I along with all Americans hope that the economic climate continues to improve so that our family, friends, clients and vendors may all find growth and success in their chosen fields.