I recently discovered a cool blog called “Manage the Tour.”  The purpose of the blog is to provide “an online resource of stories, suggestions and ideas for aspiring tour managers.”

Despite working for a company that makes custom stage curtains, digitally printed backdrops, and a host of other soft goods for the tours of bands and artists big and small (and despite the fact that Sew What? Inc was founded by a former “roadie”), I myself have never toured with a band.  So I am fascinated to read Bradford’s suggestions for aspiring tour managers (including small bands that are doing the tour management themselves). 

I know how “glamorous” the life of a touring with a band sounds to those of us who have never done it – you can read a few of Megan’s recent posts to see that its not all fun and games!  The thing that I like about Manage the Tour is that Bradford gives practical advice to aspiring tour managers but also manages to be interesting to those (like me) who only dream.

I found this post particularly interesting, although I have to admit that it first caught my eye because of the similarity in the title to Sew What?