Back in July, I posted a photo of a cool drape that we made for our sister company, Rent What?, from aluminum mesh.  Well, I thought it was time that I told you more about it.

If you are looking for a cool industrial look, a metal mesh drape is a great option.  It is very dramatic and provides a textured background for effective and unique lighting effects.  It is also available in different tints, giving interesting color and texture even when in an unlit condition.

It is also surprisingly light – a 30′ h x 10′ w leg weighs just 15 pounds (compare that to an unpleated Commando leg of the same size – which weights about 25 to 30 pounds).

And when you are loading out the show, just push the mesh drape into a hamper – no folding required.  When you get to the next venue, pull it out, hang it, and “fluff it” to size.  After all, wrinkles are not only expected – they’re preferred with a metal mesh drape!

This really is a great option for a tour – as a matter of fact, it was just what legendary rock band Journey wanted for their 2009 tour, and Rent What? was ready and able to provide them.