As I have mentioned in previous posts, Sew What? Inc has a sister company, Rent What? Inc, that specializes in renting stage and special event drapery, hardware and supplies.  Since Rent What? started about a year ago, we find that we do have some crossover.  Someone might call Sew What? to inquire about purchasing a custom stage curtain and then, in the course of the conversation, they will find that a rental option from Rent What? is more appropriate for their needs.  The same thing happens in reverse.

In considering that crossover, I thought it might be helpful to offer some tips to help you decide whether purchase or rental would work better for your situation.

Reasons to Purchase:

  • Your intended use is for an extended period of time, or you will have many opportunities to reuse the drapes
  • You are willing and able to maintain the drapes
  • You are willing and able to store the drapes (if you do not plan to use them “full-time” over the long-term)
  • You are willing and able to have the drapes re-tested each year for continued certification of flame retardancy
  • Your needs are customized, and you want a unique fabric and/or size, or you have specific color matching needs
  • You want to own the drapes, and you have the budget to purchase them

Reasons to Rent:

  • Your intended use is for a shorter period of time, after which you will have minimal opportunity to use the drapes
  • You aren’t interested in dealing with the long term maintenance required to keep large drapes in good shape
  • You don’t have space to store the drapes when they are not in use
  • You aren’t interested in the liability or responsibility of annual testing for flame retardancy certification
  • You don’t have custom needs, and you are willing and able to be flexible in regards to fabric, size, and color
  • You don’t want to own the drapes and/or you do not currently have the budget to purchase drapes