One of the things I love about working at Sew What are all of the fun and interesting projects that we work on.  I’ve shown you photos of many of our more traditional drapes, such as Austrians, but I thought it would be enjoyable to start a continuing series on some of the more unusual projects we have done over the years.  So, here is the first one:

World’s Largest Beach Towel

Back  in the summer of 2006, we were asked by a customer, “Hey. I know you make terrific custom stage curtains, but what about making a huge beach towel?”  Specifically, he wanted us to make a beach towel measuring 131 feet x 78 feet, in contention for the Guinness World Records™ award for World’s Largest Beach Towel.  Though we had never made such a thing, we said “Of course!” and set about it.  Here is what it took:

  • Finding a source for 1,200 yards of true cotton terry towel cloth, all in a single dye lot
  • Sewing together 1,200 yards of fabric into a single item –  just manuevering it around our sewing shop was a challenge.
  • Handpainting the logo design onto the towel according to the artwork proof provided by the customer

Pretty amazing, isn’t it?  It is one I will always remember.


Oh, and did I mention that that it required a large wheeled forklift to get it onto the beach in Hermosa, California?