Last month I posted about how beautiful Silver Satin is for lighting, and I mentioned in that post that we made a number of drapes in this fabric for our sister company, Rent What?  Well, Rent What? has recently upgraded their website, and there is some fantastic info there on the specialty drapes available for rent, including the Silver Satin Series.

The information that has been added to the website is terrific.  One upgrade that I particularly like is the addition of the Specialty Drapery Series page.  Not only are pictures included for each of the four specialty drapery series (Silver Satin, Rockin Red, Ivory Scene, and Industrial Textures – all manufactured by Sew What?), but there are even links to printable versions of the “Profiles” of each series.  These are great – not only informative, but well-designed and clever. 

They have also added a number of other products to their website, including LED drapes, Kabukis, traveller track, portable dressing rooms and much more.  Congrats to Megan and Marce (owners of Rent What?) for this impressive upgrade to their website.

If you are looking for stage or special event rentals, make sure you check out Rent What?  You won’t be disappointed.