You may not know what it is called, but you have probably seen pipe and drape at some point.  If you have gone to a home or craft show at your local convention center, if you have gone to a convention for your business association and there was an exhibitor hall at the hotel…chances are, you’ve seen pipe and drape systems (also called exhibit supply).

“Pipe and drape” is the common term for the components used to make trade show booths.  Depending on the components selected, pipe and drape can be used to make a single back wall, an individual booth or even a series of connected booths.  And they are easy to put together.  Simply place the bases on the ground, insert the uprights, thread the drapes onto the telescopic drape supports, and insert the drape supports to the top of the uprights.  No wonder they are used for trade shows – they are quick and easy to set up and take down and they are relatively inexpensive.

These same features of pipe and drape make it a great alternative for many applications outside the trade show circuit.  With just a few components, a church can have a 3 foot high privacy screen in front of the choir onstage.  If the choir isn’t singing for a service, the privacy screen can be quickly dismantled and placed offstage.  A high school can use pipe and base to decorate the school gym for the prom.  Instead of looking at gym walls and bleachers, the students could be looking at beautiful satin or voile drapery, easily displayed around the entire perimeter of the gym on pipe and base hardware.  A retail store could use pipe and drape as a backdrop to an open window display.  Radio stations could use pipe and base, along with digitally printed backdrops displaying the station’s logo, to make promotional booths outside rock concerts.

The possibilities are endless.  All it takes is a little imagination.