A lot of schools out there are small and (unfortunately) rather old, so not all have theatres or auditoriums dedicated to the performing arts.  One way to solve this problem is to convert an existing area, such as a gym or cafeteria, into a multipurpose room by building a stage at one end.  If you have the space for the stage (and the ceiling height), you can build a stage, install curtain track, and hang bi-parting stage curtains.  Maybe hang some basic stage lights.  Voila!  You have a simple stage area for music performances, school plays, and much more. 

On a daily basis, the room is used for its typical purpose (basketball practice, lunch, whatever).  The stage sits there at the end, drapes closed.  But on the nights that you have a recital scheduled, the transformation begins.  Bleachers or lunch tables are moved out or masked off from view.  Chairs are set up in rows facing the stage.  Lights are dimmed a little.  The audience enters and is seated.  Curtains open and the show begins.

Obviously, this is not an ideal solution.  But let’s face it, budgets are tight right now, especially in public education.  Construction projects (new schools, new buildings at existing schools) are being put on hold.  And the PTA isn’t going to be able to raise a million dollars for a new building.  But maybe they can raise the money for a project such as this (especially if there are parents in the construction industry willing to donate labor or materials). 

Just something to think about…