I am starting to hear a lot about “eco-friendly” textiles.  My first reaction was, “Yes, of course, eco-friendly fabrics are the way to go.”  Use biodegradable fabrics as much as possible.  That’s not as easy as it sounds, especially in the theatrical marketplace.

For example, let’s say I decide to use a 100% cotton fabric.  That should be a “green” option, right?  Cotton is a natural fiber and therefore should be 100% biodegradable.

 But what if it isn’t?  I just read a post on “O Ecotextiles” that talks about the many chemicals that 100% cotton may be treated with in the manufacturing process.  Suddenly, 100% cotton doesn’t sound so “green” anymore.

Then you add on the flame retardancy requirements for stage curtains.  How “green” can a fabric be, regardless of the fiber content, if it has been topically treated with a flame retardancy chemical?  So is a topically treated 100% cotton fabric really better for the environment than a 100% Avora polyester fabric that is inherently flame retardant?

Hummm…a lot to think about, too much to put down in this single post (stay tuned for more thoughts on this subject in the future).