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Monthly Archives: April 2009

17 04, 2009

Direct Print vs Dye Sublimation – What’s the difference?

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One of the products we offer is custom digital backdrops – the customer supplies the artwork as a digital file, and we print the artwork onto fabric or mesh and then sew it into a fabulous backdrop.  Yes, sometimes for the tours of major recording artists like Kenny Chesney, but many other times for a school or church production or a special event or…

There are the two primary methods of digital printing – direct print and dye sublimation.  In many cases, customers ask, what is the difference between the two?  What makes one method better than another?

Well, here is a very basic primer on the topic.  With Direct Print, the inks are printed directly onto a coated fabric substrate.  Due to the coating, the backdrop tends to be slightly stiffer.  With Dye Sublimation, a paper transfer process is used to convert the ink solid into a gas, which then “etches” the image into the fabric.  As the fabric substrate is not coated, a dye sublimated backdrop tends to be a little softer and more flexible.

So, which is better?  Depends on the individual project.  Direct print can be printed onto fabric up to 16’ in width, allowing larger seamless backdrops or fewer seams on an extra large backdrop.  Dye sublimation, on the other hand, can only be printed onto fabric up 10’ wide, meaning anything bigger would require seams.  However, the image tends to have better resolution and color vibrancy.  Not sure what would work best for your project?  We can help find the right print method and substrate to meet your needs and your budget.

15 04, 2009

Need a rental? Call Rent What?

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In the last few years, we started hearing from a lot of our customers that they wished we offered soft goods for rent.  That way, they could maximize their budget – buy a few custom stage curtains and then also rent some of the pieces.  In July 2008, in answer to those requests, Rent What? Inc. was born.

Rent What? is a sister company to Sew What? (separate but equal I guess you could say 🙂 ), owned & operated by Megan Duckett (Sew What? founder) and Marce Forrester.  Sew What? makes the drapes and then Rent What? rents them out.  It’s the best of both worlds.  Customers get the same high quality products as those bought directly from Sew What? but as a rental for the length of time needed – a week, a month, whatever.  When Rent What? first started out, the focus was on black masking drapes, but now they have built a stock of some absolutely gorgeous specialty drapes (pictures in a future post) as well as LED drapes.

So if you find yourself in need of a rental, give Rent What? a call – Marce & Megan would be glad to help you.

13 04, 2009

Another award for Sew What?

By |April 13th, 2009|News|2 Comments

Got some exciting news recently.  We were named one of the Top 500 Small Businesses in the US and one of the Top 100 Small Businesses in California by  It still amazes me the recognition that we have gotten over the last few years.  Here we are, a niche business making custom stage drapes, theatrical backdrops, custom scrims and the like, being noticed by companies and organizations like, Dell, NFIB, etc.  It’s pretty cool.  Big Business is used to seeing their names in headlines daily (though the news isn’t always good), but for us, it is exciting every time.