I am amazed at how beautiful and different silver satin can look depending on how it is lit on stage.  I have seen it look so many different colors, depending on the lighting effects, from the original silver to pink, red, blue…it seems that the possibilities are endless.

We’ve made a number of custom drapes from silver satin over the last couple of years, and every time I look at a photo or video of one of them on stage, I see a new color.  When John Mayer performed at the Nokia Theatre, the same silver satin Austrian appears blue/purple in one video and red/pink in another (all in one show).

We’ve also made a number of silver satin pieces for our sister company, Rent What? , for their “Silver Satin Series,” including austrians, legs, borders, and swags, and Rent What? has found them quite popular for the rental market.  Carrie Underwood used silver satin legs from Rent What? as a backdrop to her performance on the Academy of Country Music Awards broadcast recently, and, due to clever lighting, they appear red – check out the video.

Currently on tour from the Rent What? Silver Satin Series are several swags, used by Jennifer Hudson in her tour with Robin Thicke.  Looking at this picture, you would never know that the swags are actually silver.


I think this is a great fabric for so many uses.  Yes, it looks great on music tours, but it can also be used by schools, churches, dance troupes, and so much more.  On a day to day basis, there is a beautiful silver drape.  In a show, with the right lights, suddenly you have a red drape or a blue drape or…It’s almost like getting several drapes for the price of one!