After making a fabulous appliquéd, beaded and dye sublimated satin custom backdrop for the Pussycat Dolls’ current tour with Britney Spears, we had to do some repairs in one day and then ship the drop via Fed Ex International Priority Overnight to the show in Toronto.

Well, Fed Ex really dropped the ball, and it looked like the backdrop wasn’t going to make the show.  After hours on the phone with Fed Ex, I finally learned at 3:30 pm Toronto time that although the backdrop was ready at the Fed Ex Toronto hub, Fed Ex wouldn’t deliver it that day.

That put me in a panic.  The backdrop had to get to the Air Canada Centre by 5:00 pm to make that night’s show.  I jumped on the Internet, and after a couple of false starts, found City Centre Courier.  Mike Kovatch really came through.  With just 40 minutes notice, he was able to get a courier to the Fed Ex hub and through 20 miles of rush hour traffic to the venue.  The package arrived precisely at 5:00 pm and the show went on!  Thanks, Mike!  You really came through for Sew What? and the Pussycat Dolls!